Saturday, 7 September 2013

A word of this if you use Pinterest

Not a card this time, just a word of warning about pinning things to PINTEREST. I have to say that I frequently pin things that inspire me to Pinterest....probably things that I have found and loved in your blogs....but yesterday I had an e-mail saying that someone had objected to me pinning one of their card designs, and as such I was in breach of copyright. It went on to say that if I continued to pin things that weren't mine, my account would be terminated. This really upset me, as I enjoy looking around at all your wonderful creations and sharing things that I have loved. I would never claim to have made any of these, indeed Pinterest links the pin back to the website or blog that it came from. 

Anyhow, I have done a bit of reading about this, and it seems that pinning anything other than a creation of your own is in fact deemed to be a breach of copyright, and.....the creator could claim compensation from you!! Makes a bit of a mockery of the Pinterest site really, and makes me sad that we can't just all share and enjoy each other's creations, while always crediting them of course to their creator.

I am going to shut down my Pinterest account, and just blog hop in future for inspiration. Please be careful. A stern e-mail from Pinterest is bad really don't want people claiming compensation from you.

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